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Podcasts that feed my soul

Los Angeles. I love you. The sunny days, the beautiful beaches and mountains.

Your traffic is terrible. Everyone knows this.

My commute is about an hour to and from work, I got my apartment before I got my job but I couldn't turn in down so now I sit in traffic. But don't cry for me Los Angeles. I have discovered some amazing podcasts.

I tried a variety of podcasts, I listened to a lot of NPR, tried to stay up on the news, but I can only listen to Market Place so many times before I have to admit I don't know what they're talking about.

So here is my list of podcasts that actually make me happy, and make traffic almost enjoyable. Fair warning - they are spiritual and inspirational because that's what makes me happy. It's like a pep talk on the way to work.

For The Love of Money with Chris Harder. This podcast was introduced to me by Manifestation Babe Kathrin Zenkina. I was hooked almost instantly.

Thinking about money literally made me sick. Now it's one of my favorite things to talk about, and I've discovered I love fundraising! Chris changes the game around money and makes it fun to talk about. Also I asked Chris a question on Instagram and he turned it into a podcast.

Lori Harder I was originally avoiding (sorry Lori) because I assumed her podcast would be all about fitness. Now I've been binge-listening her podcasts on the way to work. Earn Your Happy has given me a lot of confidence in my life and job. She talks about something a lot of people forget to mention - the journey to success. She is vulnerable about her feelings and flaws, and that makes me feel better about mine. Most podcasters talk about how awesome it is to be successful and all you have to do is face your fears!

GirlBoss is one of my favorite media companies. If they post something, I probably read/watch/listen to it. Every Sunday this wonderful Australian Goddess, Jerico Mandybur, teams up with Dr. Lauren and Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo to remind me to love myself, and prep me for the week ahead. They are what I listen to when I am meal prepping on Sunday or driving in to work on Monday, but I start my week with these powerful women setting me up for some self service and success.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

These podcasts are entertaining and diverse, talking to a variety of people who are successful in every meaning of the word. He talks art, money, love, sex, life, and pretty much every topic. There are hundreds of podcasts that I promise you will find a topic that resonates with you!

What are your favorite podcasts? I am always looking for more inspiration!




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